20 Years Of Pain Ended After Tumor Found Near Anterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve

Patient After Tumor RemovalWe could not be more excited to celebrate with this patient who has suffered for more than 20 years with severe pain in the right thigh.   This pain plagued him for years.   With seemingly no identifiable cause the pain started in the right thigh and radiated down to the top of the knee.  Excruciating pain, worse with activity, shooting, electrical, and intense.  In addition if that were not enough just touching one particular area was a major trigger.   If you wanted to really get on this patient’s bad side –  all you had to do was “push the magic button.”  This “hot spot” was directly on the front of his thigh.   The patient searched for causes for years, and even had many treatments to try to fix the problem.  He even had a spinal cord stimulator and then a peripheral nerve stimulator placed on the femoral nerve.   Unfortunately, despite being in place neither of these worked for him.  They hardly touched the pain, so he simply did not use them.   He came to our office and pointed to the area of pain.   We placed an ultrasound on his leg and found a mass.   This mass turned out to be a rare very painful tumor.   Most frequently these are found in the finger, but in his case, it was sitting next to the anterior femoral cutaneous nerve.   We knew this was the source of his pain, but we were not sure what it was until we explored and removed it.   This is one of those rare moments when things all come together just perfectly and a wonderful ending results.   

We are so pleased that we were able to participate in this journey to health!    We are just so sorry it took so many years to find the answer.   Then things like this happen, it really makes one stop and think.   I think this is why as physicians we refer to “practicing medicine.”   Because we can always learn more; we can always be better.   Medicine is incredibly rewarding, but at the same time there is nothing more humbling than having to learn through “practice,” both learning from our successes, but more importantly learning from our failures.    I can guarantee that not a single doctor who treated this gentleman for the past 20-30  years wanted to fail in curing or even improving his pain.  

I thank the Lord, that others had already ruled out some many causes, that the patient was so clear in describing his pain, that we understood how to use ultrasound, and that we could actually see the lesion causing his pain, and a nerve block relieved his pain, and surgery to remove it cured his pain!   This indeed is a cause to celebrate, to be thankful, and to continue to be encouraged to continue the quest to help others who have suffered for years on end with pain.  

Thank you Lord for your guidance!  We pray that the next 20 years will be full of blessings for our friend!   Amen! 

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Jason Chubb 08/05/2023 4:20 PM
" Dr. Williams is truly brilliant in the operating room as he performed my Left tarsal tunnel surgery and genuinely lives the creed on what medicine is all about, and humbly explained my condition in the exam lane and never once pushed me into having my surgery, until I was ready and made my own decision based on all diagnosistics from nerve conduction studies, onto other tests to ensure we had the right diagnosis and finally now I'm 100% pain free in my left foot so as of this coming April 1st. 2024 will be 2 years of zero pain, that plagued me for three years and nothing else ranging from traditional therapy to injections ever helped me retain long term pain free status! The best part is this isn't an April fools joke, as my case was on April 1st., and the operating room schedule was very light and I'm not a superstitious person, so we proceeded business as usual with my surgery that without a doubt is the reason I'm able to function with zero pain or any other sensation than what's normal. I definitely don't want to leave out his front office staff, that also were nothing short of how they managed my case from the initial evaluation with Dr. Williams to coordinating all of my post-operative appointments, while exhibiting professionalism along with compassion as well as simply how the business aspect should be or practice model. There was great communication as would and will do it again on my right foot in this coming fall, so it's with great pleasure that I'm able to post this recommendation and personal experience that I had with Dr. Eric Williams for my tarsal tunnel surgery!! He even mentioned in the exam lane that he wouldn't even consider operating on my right foot until my left was completely healed and I was pain free. He quoted the physicians code of " Do No Harm " as I wanted to do both feet or a bi-lateral case, but this isn't typical or an appropriate way of practicing medicine. Those were his exact words...A great big thanks to Dr. Williams and Lyndsey in the front office for all the care and guidance through the entire process, and as I spoke of now am completely pain free and have complete confidance in moving forward with the right foot as have the identical presentation or dull ache pain to discomfort that I was treated for on the Left, and was a complete success and without reservation I can say that Dr. Williams is your best option for tarsal tunnel surgery! I was very apprehensive as his collegue Dr. Meissner recommended him to me and the only thing I'd do different is have had my surgery sooner by Dr. Williams!! Be well... Jason
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