Our Patients Describe Their Experiences in Our Baltimore Pain Relief Practice

Our testimonials offer firsthand accounts from our patients on how we helped identify the cause of their suffering and provide long-lasting relief. See what our patients are saying about our treatment of post-surgical pain due to nerve injury or entrapment.

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  • I felt “good as new” three months after surgery. I feel “better than new” six months after surgery.

    Ecstatic is the one word that best describes my satisfaction with the results of my tarsal tunnel surgery. My recovery was unremarkable. Your description about what to expect and what I should do to achieve a positive outcome was very helpful. I felt “good as new” three months after surgery. I feel “better than new” six months after surgery. I walk long distances, stand on my feet for extended periods and have returned to all previous activities without limitation. The most enjoyable aspect of my recovery was my return to playing tennis. I was playing tennis three times a week just three months after surgery! This is particularly satisfying since it had become very difficult for me play tennis due to pain. What is even more amazing is that six months after surgery, I am playing tennis 4-5+ times a week and never think about my foot! This picture was taken during a recent tennis match. I'd just like to thank you and extend my appreciation for such a positive experience. I would not hesitate to have surgery on my other foot if ever needed.

  • Before surgery doctors at home told me that I needed to go on disability.

    I want to thank you a million times over for doing the nerve resection in my right foot 4-12-13.  Because of your willingness and ability to take on a difficult case- where I had had previous foot surgeries, and your close relationship with Johns Hopkins radiology and the (newer) neurography, I can now stand on my foot again. Before I came to the Dellon Institute, doctors at home (upstate NY) told me that I needed to go on disability.  The pain was unimaginable. But now I am back at work, manage own home again, and have a "life":) I also want to thank you for resecting the nerve in my L wrist on 12-11-13. I had had a cast on my arm too tight in 2008.  I struggled with nerve pain in my wrist for five years.  I tried  fat graft procedures that failed.  After my foot healed, I decided to have you take a look at my L wrist.  I can now use both hands again to type!  I do feel the numbness but I do NOT feel the pain. You have my permission to share this email with others and use my name if a patient ever wants to talk with a former patient. Thank you again and again and again.

    J. H.
  • I can't thank you enough for fixing me and making me able to run again!

    I wanted to say thank you for everything you did with my surgery. Because you fixed me I was able to run my first race this year since my surgery and I shed almost 3 minutes off my time. I could not have done that without you!!! Thank you so much! I've signed up for four races this year!! I can't thank you enough for fixing me and making me able to run again!!!  

  • The quality of my life has improved significantly since my December and August tarsal tunnel release, plantar fascia release and gastroc recession. It's the first time my feet have been pain-free in 10 years. As I've mentioned before, this is a huge answer to prayer and has brought such joy to my life. I walk 2-3 miles around my neighborhood every night after work which would have been extremely difficult and uncomfortable to do a year ago. I can now clean my house and stand on my feet in the kitchen without having to stop every few minutes to sit down. Post-pandemic, I'm looking forward to traveling and sightseeing by foot as well as volunteering in a wider variety of activities. I can't think y'all enough for your hard work, dedication, expertise, attention to detail, outstanding bedside manner and top-notch customer service! I appreciate you taking on my case and for all that you've done to positively impact my life. I will never take my mobility for granted and I'm truly grateful for the gift of pain-free feet.
  • 2 Months Following Knee Denervation Surgery - Before and After

    A patient who experienced intense debilitating leg pain for 10 years describes his results 2 months following knee denervation surgery.

  • A patient suffering from migraines for more than 10 years finds relief from pain following an occipital nerve release.

    I had surgery in December 2017 for the nerves in the back of my head. Occipital nerve release I believe is what Dr. Williams called it [This is correct. - Dr. W.], and it worked VERY well for me. I have been suffering from migraines for over 10 years and this is the first time I have EVER felt permanent relief. I hope to get the same results for the front of my head soon! THANK YOU DOCTOR WILLIAMS AND YOUR WHOLE STAFF AS WELL! I would recommend anyone dealing with daily migraines to give Dr. Williams and his staff a try. I cannot stress that enough for anyone in pain every day and wanting to stop medications. Again, I am looking forward to my next and last surgery. Looking forward to NOT taking medicine anymore, too!

  • A patient discusses the painful symptoms he has had in his legs, along with his improvement in symptoms following nerve release surgery.

    Dr. William reviews a nerve release to relieve burning foot pain and restore sensation along the leg. Two months following the release of several nerves, the patient has restored feeling in his left foot. He has also found relief in his right leg now that he has been able to find more comfort and strength in his left.  

  • A patient who faced painful complications following a bunion surgery discusses how she feels 6 months following procedures to relieve her pain.

    A patient who has endured 6 years of pain in the right foot following a complicated bunion surgery discusses what her life was like before and after her nerve procedure. Intense pain from sensations as mild as bedsheets and water is now non-existent.

  • Dr. Eric Williams discusses his treatment for a patient that came to see him after failed prior surgical procedures to fix her foot and ankle pain.

    Why are we posting this pair of legs with shoes on? We're celebrating, of course! This is the first time this patient has been comfortable in a pair of real shoes in several years. We sometimes take this ability for granted, and that is why we are celebrating this patient's feet. She was in a post-op velcro shoe for a long duration of time after she suffered terrible complications of chronic regional pain syndrome, following a failed bunion repair. After excellent orthopedic foot and ankle care give to her by Dr. Lew Schon at Union Memorial Hospital to revise and repair her failed bony complications, she was still unfortunately having tremendous pain. After failing to control or reverse the pain with physical therapy and medications and injections, she was referred to us for evaluation and management. She had been only able to walk with crutches and wasn't able to put weight on her foot for more than a year when we first saw her. The pain was described as sharp, stabbing, burning, terrible hypersensitivity pain. Air blowing across the skin was described as raking hot coals over her foot, and she described an electrocution-type pain in the great toe. While it did take several stages to complete her rehabilitation, she is recovering nicely and is now making great strides (quite literally!). We are celebrating with her every step. It has been a challenging battle, and we applaud her perseverance.

  • Nerve Surgery Eliminated Major Pain and Cramping in Amputee

    I recently had peripheral nerve surgery to cut the tibia and perineal nerves in my right residual limb. This has helped me eliminate some major nerve pain and cramping when walking. Before surgery I could only walk for 10 minutes before I had to stop and sit to ease the cramping and nerve pain. So far it has worked out great (Stationary Bike - 5.2 miles in 20 minutes and Treadmill - 1 mile in 18 minutes) with no pain or cramping. This is great for me at 75 years old.

    B. Buck