Articles to Help Patients Overcome Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

Information is key to ridding yourself of chronic pain for good. Our library articles explore common complications of major surgery, including sexual dysfunction after groin surgery, foot drop after a knee replacement, post-surgical groin due to hernia or C-section, and causes of chronic regional pain syndromes.

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  • Head and Neck Pain If you are experiencing recurring pain in the head or neck region, Dr. Eric Williams may be able to help you find relief. Our Towson office reviews patients with common forms of nerve-related pain.
  • Nerve Pain in Thigh The nerves in your thighs could be the source of pain or muscle weakness in your legs. Dr. Eric H. Williams in Baltimore may be able to help.
  • Trunk and Thorax Pain Baltimore nerve specialist Eric H. Williams discusses potential sources and treatment for trunk and thorax pain, particularly with thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Advanced Tarsal Tunnel Surgery If you have shooting pain, numbness, or tingling and burning sensations in your foot, you might benefit from tarsal tunnel surgery from Dr. Eric Williams.
  • Breast and Chest Wall Pain If other doctors are unable to relieve your breast or chest wall pain six months or more after surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Eric. H. Williams.
  • Trunk and Abdominal Wall When other doctors are unable to diagnose or treat the source of your trunk or abdominal wall pain, see Dr. Eric H. Williams for a consultation.
  • Groin Pain After Surgery Dr. Eric H. Williams has been able to help numerous patients who had severe groin pain after hernia repair surgery.
  • Ankle and Foot Dr. Eric H. Williams provides treatment for a wide array of medical conditions, including ankle and foot pain.
  • Trunk and Thorax Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses potential sources and treatment for trunk and thorax pain, particularly in the case of thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Lower Extremity Dr. Eric H. Williams has helped numerous patients find relief from their lower extremity nerve pain, and he may be able to treat yours as well.