Trunk and Thorax

There are many causes of Trunk Pain.  Many causes that we can help with are nerve injuries due to trauma and surgery in the upper thorax and lower trunk.

Groin Denervation

Chronic groin pain is unfortunately not uncommon after injury or surgery such as hernia repair, tummy tuck, C-section, or hysterectomy.  Often this pain may be caused by injury or entrapment of the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves.  Removing these nerves can often improve function, decrease pain, and improve quality of life.

Intercostal Nerve Resection

Many procedures are done in the upper chest including lung surgery, heart surgery, and breast surgery.  In chronic pain syndromes of the chest wall after surgery or trauma, the intercostal nerve system may be involved.  If the particular nerve can be identified, improvements can be made by removing the sensory branches and burying them.  This serves to interrupt the pain signals to the brain.