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Chronic Pain After an Ankle Injury


We have seen many patients who have come out of knee replacement surgery or other procedures around the knee, yet continue to have persistent or even new pain after the original problems have been repaired. In many of these cases, the procedure was performed perfectly to standards, but something still went awry with the delicate nerves of, in, and around the knee. We have been able to help many patients in this situation, and may be able to help you as well. Learn more by downloading our guide to nerve pain following knee surgery.

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Chronic Pain After an Ankle Injury

An ankle injury should hurt, but it should not hurt forever!

We commonly see patients who have come out of recovery or surgery from an ankle sprain, yet the pain has not been resolved - even after 6 months or more. You or a loved one may have already consulted other professionals who provided advice perfectly within reason, or have said treatment has been successful. In many cases, treatment has been successful in itself, but the pain continues longer than expected. We have seen the frustration, the desperation, and despair that living with chronic pain can cause, and we want to offer hope.

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Where Do You Hurt?

We understand the burden that chronic pain has on you and those closest to you and offer treatment options to reduce or eliminate your pain.

Information is key to ridding yourself of chronic pain for good. Our library articles explore common complications of major surgery, including sexual dysfunction after groin surgery, foot drop after a knee replacement, post-surgical groin due to hernia or C-section, and causes of chronic regional pain syndromes.

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We Can Help Patients Across the United States Put an End to Chronic Neuropathic Pain

Looking back, it’s hard to believe how different your life has become. Although you may have healed from your injury or surgery, your pain still won’t go away, and your normal function has not returned. If you have never had an injury, you are wondering what is causing the painful symptoms in your arms, hands, legs, or feet, that have become major distractions in your life. The activities that you once enjoyed may hardly seem possible today. It is possible that even simple things that were once taken for granted—such as walking to the mailbox, grocery shopping, standing in line, wearing socks, fixing your hair, riding in or driving a car, sleeping, or even being comfortable in certain clothes—have become major challenges for your happiness.

You may have been prescribed pain medication, but found that makes you tired and fuzzy; it may have even made you gain weight or altered your moods, and it may hardly take the edge off your chronic pain. If the pain medications work, that is fantastic…but did they FIX the problem, or are they just covering it up? You may have even had a spinal cord stimulator placed, but found that has not controlled your pain well enough.

Nobody seems to believe you when you tell them how bad the pain is, and you may even be in danger of losing your job because of too much time off or you can’t perform your duties. Do your doctors really expect you to be able to live a full life with your condition? Is there really nothing that can be done to ease the pain?

Surgical Solutions for Maryland Patients Suffering from Chronic Neuropathic Pain

While pain may be a common side effect of surgery or an injury, most often this resolves in a timely manner without special treatment or with physical therapy; it should not last forever.

Pain that lasts for over six months after an injury or after a surgical procedure may be due to a trapped or injured nerve in the arm, leg, abdomen, groin, or other surgical or injury site. It may need to be addressed directly to see improvement. Many patients who have pain that lasts longer than six months may be struggling with nerve damage that is sending constant pain signals from the injured body part. Many of these patients can be successfully treated by first identifying the cause of the pain and addressing it directly instead of trying to simply cover the pain with medications.

In our office, we help patients from Maryland and from all over the country by evaluating and identifying potential locations of nerve damage. Next, we focus our treatments directly on the source of the injury that continues to drive that pain signal, instead of simply treating only the effect of the pain. While this sounds obvious, many patients we have successfully treated have recited long medical histories of how other practitioners have failed to give them pain relief.

Dr. Eric H. Williams is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He specializes in the surgical treatment of complex peripheral nerve syndromes, including trapped, injured, or compressed nerves in the arms, legs, chest, abdominal wall, and groin that cause pain or loss of function, including weakness or numbness in various parts of the body. We can help find a real solution to your pain that can steal mobility, comfort, and enjoyment, whether it be from…

  • Injury to the lower extremity
  • Groin pain after hernia repair
  • Standard common carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Severe knee pain after knee replacement surgery
  • Chronic headaches after a concussion and whiplash injury
  • Painful feet in the setting of well controlled diabetes

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We help patients who are suffering from a variety of chronic pain problems, including:

Changing Lives One Patient at a Time

Your life has been upended. You are not supposed to be focusing so much of your life, your thoughts, your daily energy around your feet, your second toe, your thumb, your chest, your armpit, your hernia scar, your knee replacement scar, your headaches…you fill in the blank.

You arrange your day because of your pain. You plan what you will and won’t do because you know you will pay for it later. Your family relationships have suffered. Your work has suffered.  You may even be bitter and frustrated that things you could once do are difficult now.

You may have had a routine surgery or a life-saving surgery, but now you are frustrated that your quality of life is not what you had expected or hoped for afterwards. You may actually be in more pain now than you were before the operation and regretting your decisions.

Dr. Williams has dedicated his surgical practice to trying to help patients with chronic pain and loss of function due to a variety of disorders affecting the peripheral nerves throughout the body. This would include pinched nerves (compressive neuropathies) outside the spinal cord; post-surgical or post-traumatic pain syndromes; chronic regional pain syndromes; peripheral neuropathy (especially diabetic foot pain); as well as peripheral nerve reconstruction.

We listen to your concerns.

We want our patients to experience as much relief as possible from our services. To that end, we listen carefully to your description of your condition, taking note of your future expectations and possible ways to restore access to the activities that are most important to you. Whether you want to reduce neuropathic pain, restore sensation to your limbs, improve chronic migraine headaches, improve your balance, or restore lost function to your arms or legs, we can help you improve your quality of life.

We start immediately on your relief.

We know how frustrating it is to have your life interrupted by pain. We are able to perform most of our own nerve blocks in the office that can help diagnose and identify potential causes of your pain and help lead us to a more secure diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes these blocks can be therapeutic and treat your pain as well.

We have been able to successfully treat many different causes of neuropathic pain— from the top of the head to the tip of the toes—in our Towson, Maryland, offices. If you are tired of treating your symptoms and are ready to find the cure, we look forward to meeting you! Call the number on this page or fill out our online contact form to make an appointment at our nerve pain offices today.

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