Chronic Pain After an Ankle Injury


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The Pain is Challenging... But We May Be Able To Help!

An ankle injury should hurt, but it should not hurt forever.

We commonly see patients who have come out of recovery or surgery from an ankle sprain, yet the pain has not been resolved - even after 6 months or more. You or a loved one may have already consulted other professionals who provided advice perfectly within reason, or have said treatment has been successful. In many cases, treatment has been successful in itself, but the pain continues longer than expected. We have seen the frustration, the desperation, and despair that living with chronic pain can cause, and we want to offer hope. 

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Our guide, “Nerve Pain After an Ankle Sprain (Even if You've Had Surgery)” explores reasons why nerve pain may continue following an ankle injury, despire standard medical or surgical care, and how nerve specialist Eric H. Williams, MD may be able to greatly reduce or eliminate the discomfort that has persisted for so long. 

While our success rates are high, no one can guarantee success in 100% of cases. What we can provide, however, are avenues toward relief that may not have yet been considered.  

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