How We Help Baltimore Patients Rid Themselves of Chronic Pain After Surgery

Our surgery center treats patients who are suffering from a wide variety of pain conditions after a major procedure. We can provide relief from migraines, foot drop, post-surgical groin pain, leg and ankle weakness, head and neck pain, and other discomfort caused by nerve injury or entrapment.

Nerve Decompression

One possible treatment for relieving nerve pain is nerve decompression, something Dr. Eric H. Williams has extensive experience in performing.

Nerve Reconstruction

Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses nerve reconstruction, including when it is needed and the types of procedures he may need to use.

Post Surgical Pain

If you have chronic, severe pain after a previous surgery, there is hope! Eric H. Williams, M.D., in Baltimore successfully treats many patients like you.

Post Traumatic Pain/Dysfunction

If you are suffering from post-traumatic pain and dysfunction, Dr. Eric H. Williams may be able to provide the treatment you need.

Neuroma Resection

When nerves are injured or cut a neuroma will form. While this is not always possible, it is often very helpful in improving pain with helps improve overall function and quality of life.