When It Comes to Gifting, There's Nothing Like Paying It Forward

2023 generous givingI wanted to share another touching story about one of our patients, and point out how one patient made a huge difference for another patient. Because of HIPPA, I am not able to share the name of this person, but I imagine that is the way they would want it. About two years ago one of my previous patients donated money to help a patient who was currently receiving care. It was a wonderful gift. But it did not just stop there with one action. That initial act of kindness and gift they provided has subsequently encouraged others to do the same thing!   

Last year we shared in a blog post that one of our other patients who had suffered a long history of stubborn chronic thigh pain also was moved by the story of our formal patient and then donated a significant amount of money to another patient in need. A person she did not even know.   

Here is what is even more amazing….  That story keeps going…. 

This year another former patient of ours who had suffered from severe debilitating headaches in the back of his head that were so bad and so constant that they were threatening his ability to finish medical school. These headaches began after a “whiplash” type injury to his neck which caused injury and compression or entrapment of the occipital nerves. He had failed medical therapy and was referred to us for evaluation for possible surgical options. Fortunately, he had a very successful outcome after decompression of the occipital nerves in the back of the head and neck.  

Again, we are so grateful for this current patient’s kindness and generosity that we wanted to make our community aware of their kindness this Christmas. They will be sharing with several others this Christmas who otherwise may be having difficulty paying for medical care. I wanted to publicly thank them for the generosity and blessing. Due to this patient’s generosity we wanted to honor them by matching their gift as well to continue to multiply their effect. 

I just wanted to point out and thank our first patient who started this chain of giving, and to thank each and every one of those who have similarly been moved to do so after them.   

Your kindness is noticed! 

Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.
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