A Touching Story About Kindness and Giving

CharityI wanted to share a very touching story about one of our patients.   Because of HIPPA, I am not able to tell who this person is, but I am fairly certain that they would like to remain anonymous anyway.   Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to care for a member of this family who had chronic pain in the thigh.  It has been quite debilitating for several years.  Though she did get very good relief with her first procedure, there was still one area and set of symptoms that we were not able to successfully treat.   After several more visits, and a few more nerve blocks we were able to determine that a revision procedure may be helpful for her.   We therefore returned to the operating room to treat the remaining portion of her pain, and I am grateful to another surgeon who was in the operating room with me to assist on this case.   We were able to identify an unexpected anatomical variant of nerve in question, and we were able to treat this appropriately.   Fortunately, she has had a wonderful outcome so far and we all delighted with her improvement several months after surgery.     

But this story is about THEM and not us.   This delightful family, having been moved by one of our other previous patients who had donated money to another patient to help pay for their care, also felt moved to do the same thing, and they too have donated a substantial amount of money to other patients that they do not know and have not met!   

We are so grateful and moved by our patient’s kindness and generosity that we wanted to make our community aware of their kindness this Christmas.   They will be a blessing to several others this Christmas who otherwise may be having difficulty paying for medical care.   I wanted to publicly thank them for the generosity and blessing.   

We were so moved that we wanted to match their generosity is a similar manner, so in response to this family’s gift, we have decided to match theirs as well, thus multiplying their effect. 

I pray that blessings will abound this Christmas season for our patients and families. 

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