Hercules Beetle:

The Eastern Hercules Beetle:

I found this ginormous beetle crawling across my driveway….. and I had to play with it.    I just had to touch it.   Hummm…  

Very cool bug! never seen a beetle this big in real life.  I think I saw something like this in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.    Did I just date myself with that reference? 

Is it just me or would you hope to find this large grub if you were starving to death?    Maybe sauteed on a cast iron skillet with a little butter and salt – maybe you could stay alive for a little while longer.   But then again…. maybe not.  

Anyway, because it was so cool, I thought I would share a web page from The University of Texas A&M with you that describes this cool bug.


hercules beetle   hercules beetle  
hercules beetle


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