Know the Symptoms That Might Indicate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Learn the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. | Baltimore Carpal Tunnel Relief At first, you might not think too much about the fact that one or both of your hands feels numb when you wake up in the morning. You probably just slept on them wrong, right?

You might not think too much about the discomfort in your hands or stiffness in your fingers, either. After all, you use your hands a lot. It’s only natural for them to feel a little tired or a little sore, right?

You might be right on both counts. Maybe you did sleep wrong on your hands. Maybe your recent activity has led to some soreness and stiffness in your hands. 

But you might also be experiencing the gradual onset of symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Road Markers for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve extending from the hand to the wrist becomes compressed. As the condition is worsening, a range of symptoms can give you—and your doctor—an early heads-up. Those symptoms include:

  • Noticeable numbness in the hands in the morning caused by sleeping with the wrists bent—which places additional pressure on the compressed median nerve
  • Tingling sensations in wrists, hands, and/or forearms which may worsen into periodic shock-like symptoms in the fingers
  • An itching sensation in the hands, changes in the temperature of the hands in comparison to the rest of the body, and/or changes in the coloration of the hands
  • Stiffness in the fingers and/or an inability to make a fist
  • Difficulty with tasks involving small objects—like doing up buttons—due to a decline in pinch strength
  • Pain—particularly in the index figure, the middle finger, and/or the thumb

That last symptom—the onset of pain—is likely to get your attention. But if you start to notice any of the above symptoms in any combination, your best move is to see a physician right away. 

Get the Right Diagnosis—And the Best Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

The sooner you see a doctor for a diagnosis, the sooner you can start getting relief. If you are experiencing pain that does not respond to treatment (which may include OTC pain relievers, rest, ice, and/or exercises), your doctor may recommend surgery to decompress the median nerve.

Dr. Williams Has the Expertise and Experience You Need

If you are interested in ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release to relieve your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, Dr. Eric H. Williams can help. Contact us now for an appointment.

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