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Millions of people suffer from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, but many feel unable to take the time off from work to address it.You may be one of them.

But we have great news for you!

The long recovery times associated with previous forms of carpal tunnel release surgery may not be something you have to deal with anymore. Dr. Eric Williams is one of a small number of surgeons in our area conducting a proven form of release procedure that reduces recovery time typically to just days instead of weeks, getting you back to work faster!

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The Major Costs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Taking time to recover from carpal tunnel syndrome has unfortunately served as a barrier to many who have long needed relief from their wrist pain and discomfort. However, more hidden costs have been adding up all this time.

In a 6-year study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, employees suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome had an average loss in income from $45,000 - $89,000 over the study period. This includes time spent off for doctors’ visits or just personal days taken for being in too much pain.

But time off is not the only toll. Pain can have a significant impact on productivity. That can hurt the bottom line, yes, but it can also have a huge effect on your anxiety. Nobody deserves to have carpal tunnel syndrome create waves of dread and misery.

Economic Costs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel treatment in baltimoreWhy Effective Carpal Tunnel Treatment is Now Within Reach

A carpal tunnel release procedure is the best route to lasting relief for many patients, but the requirements for recovery have been prohibitive for many workers.

Previous forms of the procedure have required a large, open incision or several incisions for the use of endoscopic tools. The resulting recovery could last weeks, and potentially require physical therapy – costs that many workers are not able to afford.

That is why we are proud to provide ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release, a novel, yet proven procedure that requires a single minimal (4-5mm) incision and typically reduces recovery time to several days (rather than weeks).

That’s right: it’s now possible to have carpal tunnel surgery and be back to work with minimal time loss – and almost never any need for additional therapy! There is rarely even the need for sutures to close the incision that must be made.

Imagine a procedure that:

  • You can actually manage into your career schedule
  • Is performed right in our office, avoiding extra hospital and surgical center costs
  • Gets you back to work much sooner
  • Ends the consistent pain and discomfort that has plagued your working days

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That is what ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release can offer, and we would love the chance to see whether it can provide the relief you need over previous methods of treatment.

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