Debilitating Groin Pain Treated by Dr. Williams

groin pain treatmentThis patient had terrible debilitating groin pain after an inguinal hernia repair. This is not an uncommon problem. Despite how careful the surgeon repairing the hernia, about 3-5% of patients who have a hernia repair with mesh (one of the more common ways to repair an inguinal groin hernia in men and women) will have terrible neuropathic pain after the hernia repair. The pain is typically burning, sharp, and radiates from the groin near the hip to follow the groin crease and into the pubic mound.  However, it may also send pain into the genitals. For men, it can cause severe testicular pain, and for women, the pain may run into the labia.

The pain can interfere with work, play, and intimate relationships. 

Fortunately, this patient has had tremendous relief after removing the ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric, and genitofemoral nerve. The mesh hernia repair is left in place, but the nerves that are either stuck in the scar tissue or in the mesh are removed and buried into the abdominal wall.   

This operation  (partial groin denervation) has been very successful over the years and has helped a large number of patients with similar symptoms.    

We celebrate with this patient!

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