Happiness is a cold wet nose!

A Dogs NoseI recently had one of the most unusual descriptions of a “successful” outcome to a surgical procedure to date.    I was very pleased to have a patient who had suffered over one year of pain and numbness in their foot and great toe after an injury tell me something that just made me smile.    She stated that “I knew that I was better after surgery when my dog came over to sniff my toe.  When he touched it with his cold wet nose, I felt it for the first time in almost a year!”   

I wanted to share this incredible picture of “happiness”!   

I had to share this “feel good" success story!  We love it when a plan comes together and a patient gets the improvement we are hoping for!   This patient had stretch traction injury to the nerves to the great toe as well as tarsal tunnel syndrome with compression of the medial plantar nerve at the ankle.  The procedure to help her was to “decompress” or release the nerves from tight tunnels in the foot.