This Hard-Charging Professional Skater Suffered with Over a Year of Pain in the Right Lower Leg

Her pain extended from the outside of the knee down into the top of the foot, but also included the sole of her foot radiating to the arch and the toes, especially the great toe.  She described it as burning pain, and most often very sharp, electrical, and shooting with tingling as well.  It was worse when she was wearing her skates and other shoes.

nerve pain treatment

One of the major contributors to this may have been the fact that she had suffered a number of ankle sprains in the past.  After ruling out orthopedic issues, she was diagnosed with Tarsal tunnel syndrome and compression or the common peroneal nerve at the knee by our referring physicians by EMG testing.  

Having constant pain and failing conservative treatment, she underwent multiple nerve decompressions in the leg including her tarsal tunnel and the downstream branches of the medial plantar, lateral plantar, and calcaneal nerves, as well as the common peroneal and superficial peroneal nerves.   

Very quickly she had relief from the constant pain.   She is continuing to heal and is now back on the ice and ready to skate. We could not be more pleased for her!  

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