After an ankle fracture our patient was feeling buzzing, tingling, & electrical shooting pain. After nerve decompression, she is reporting up to 95 to 100% relief.

Our patient after nerve decompressionThis delightful patient suffered for roughly 10 months with pain in the lower leg and ankle after a slip and fall and ankle fracture.  She did have to have the fracture repaired with a metal plate and screws, but continued to have pain in the lower leg and ankle. After the bone healed she unfortunately continued to have pain. The hardware was removed, but this only helped a little bit. She continued to have lots of down into the top of the foot.  She was referred to us and we were able to diagnose a compression of several nerves in the leg and possible entrapment of the nerve in the actual scar tissue from the fracture or where the plate was located.  We operated and decompressed two nerves – one at the knee and one just above the ankle.  She is reporting 95 to 100% relief of her previous pain!  We are still waiting for some strength to come back in her great toe, but we will celebrate the pain relief EVERY DAY!  

So anyone out there who still has pain after a healed ankle fracture, or an ankle sprain —  if you are having burning, tingling, numbness, or electrical pain, then I would strongly recommend you start a dialog with your physician about looking for causes of NERUOPATHIC pain.  We would love to see you and determine if we can help!