Decompression of the Common Peroneal and Superficial Peroneal Nerves

nerve decompression surgeon in marylandThis patient suffered for nearly a year with pain in the left leg that was thought initially to be coming from her spine.  She did after all have some changes in her spine and did have previous operations in the past to help her with a pinched nerve in the back. Her back pain improved. However, over time, she developed pain that began around the outside of her knee and then radiated down her leg into the top of the foot. This got worse with time, a second area of compression was sought out by her medical team.  

There is a phenomenon called a “secondary crush” that can occur. One of her other astute doctors figured out that her pain might be coming from her common peroneal nerve at the level of the knee. 

We evaluated her and agreed with the diagnosis and added one other nerve that we felt was compressed as well in the lower leg.   She is several months from this decompression of the common peroneal and superficial peroneal nerves to remove tight bands of tissue that cross over these nerves that may prevent them from recovering.

Fortunately, we were right, and we are delighted to get 80-85% improvement in her previously severe pain.  She has been able to be far more active, and sleep with far less discomfort.  We want to celebrate with her!