Relief from Years of Chronic Migraines

relief from chronic migrainesThis patient suffered for many years with severe occipital neuralgia (compression and dysfunction of the sensory nerves to the back of the scalp) after a whiplash-type injury caused damage to the nerves in the back of the head and scalp.   These nerves became pinched by tight muscles and scar tissue.   In addition to this, she had a different injury to the left eyebrow leaving her with a very painful eyebrow and unrelenting pain in the left forehead. 

The combination of these problems left her with pain that started in the back of her head and neck and ran up into the top of the head and even behind the left eye.  After failing to improve after treatment with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and neurologists, and others.  She was referred to Dr. Williams for evaluation. 

The patient was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia with compression of the sensory nerves (greater, lesser, and third occipital nerves) in the back of the scalp, as well as a direct injury to the supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves (the sensory nerves to the forehead above the eye).  Surgery was planned to address these pinched and injured nerves.   She is now 2 years from her occipital nerve surgery in the back of the head and 8 months from the surgery on the nerves in the front of the forehead.   We could not be any happier with her result.  A once debilitating headache syndrome with headaches in the front and back of the head every single day is now well controlled allowing her better quality of life and much less pain.

"I had two successful surgeries performed by Dr. Eric Williams. These surgeries have allowed me to have a better quality of life from migraines and constant nerve pain. I appreciate his attention to detail, quality of patient care, and would highly recommend him."

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