Years of Severe Refractory Heel Pain Treated

heel pain treatmentDr. Williams and Dr. John Senatore teamed up again to help a patient who has had years of refractory severe heel pain. Diagnosed and treated conservatively for plantar fasciitis alone with no improvement, she made her way to see Dr. Williams. We were able to make the diagnosis of severe tarsal tunnel syndrome. This is a nerve compression syndrome of the tibial nerve which travels the sole of the foot including the heel.   In addition to this, she continued to have evidence of refractory plantar fasciitis.  Dr. Williams and Dr. Senatore teamed up to perform her nerve release surgery at the ankle -- releasing the tibial nerve, medial plantar, lateral plantar, and calcaneal nerves, (all of these branches travel to different parts of her foot) as well as the plantar fascia release and a lengthening of the calf muscle to treat the heel pain during one procedure. In addition, she had compressions of nerves affecting the top of the foot -- the common peroneal nerve -- and this was released at the same time.   

After her recovery --- she is walking without pain for the first time in years!   

We celebrate with her!