Nerve Decompression Reverses Chronic Pain after foot Surgery

We are now four months after a resection of the deep peroneal nerve in the top of the foot. This nerve was injured by a previous injury that she had attained and the operation to try to fix that injury - she had a fractured bone and an incision had to be made right over this area to fix that fracture - but this nerve got unfortunately trapped in scar tissue causing a tremendous burning into this portion of her foot. We removed this branch of the nerve at this level here and implanted it into the muscle about four months ago. 
Why don’t you tell us what your pain was like before that operation - before we operated on you?
They say a ten, but I was in so much pain until I was feeling like I was going into a depression. It was just constantly pain.
What kind of pain was it?
It burned and it was like a nagging pain, it just wouldn’t stop hurting. It was like I wanted to just touch it and it was just no way to stop it from hurting, so I had to end up on medication. 
Now it’s been about four months since surgery. How does it feel now?
I’m 80% better. I have, every once in a while, I have pain, but it’s not where I can’t bear it. I am so much better. I just don’t overdo it, but it’s so much better. From 100, it’s about 80-85% much better.
Are you able to touch the top of your foot now? 
Before surgery, what would happen if you stroked the top of your foot or if you wore a shoe?
It would aggravate it. It would just make it so unbearable. The pain was just so bad.
So, if you had to go back in time, if some cruel person put you in a time machine and made you go back six months from now, would you repeat this operation?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Thank you so much!
Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.