Our Patient Jump Roping 3 Weeks After Tarsal Tunnel Surgery!

My Disobedient Jump Roping Patient…..

We have to be very careful about this video.   I thought for a long time if I should post this video…..  

I don’t want others to try this 3 weeks after tarsal tunnel release like this patient did.

I can’t believe that he is actually doing this 3 weeks after tarsal tunnel release – but I had to show off just a little… Right?   I am allowed to “make an example” someone who was NOT following my directions…  Right?   

To state that we CAN NOT GUARANTEE that EVERY patient will be able to jump rope after tarsal tunnel release --- especially those people who did not know how to jump rope BEFORE tarsal tunnel release.

To encourage some people that life can return at SOME point after tarsal tunnel release…  But please don’t try to copy this guy at three weeks after tarsal tunnel release… it usually takes longer.  I encourage patients to try to get off of crutches at 2.5 to 3 weeks, and then start walking slowly, stopping before they have pain and swelling.  Then to increase slowly over the next three weeks.   We like to wait about 6 weeks before trying impact type activities like jump roping and running.   We like swimming pools, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes from week three to week 6 to get range of motion back, and to build up strength and endurance.

But this guy is jump roping three weeks after tarsal tunnel release.  I was shocked.