Patient Able to Walk More After Successful Nerve Decompression

"We are now approximately three months from a common peroneal nerve decompression that also a resection of a ganglion cyst that was involving the common peroneal nerve and we discovered that because the patient had a foot drop and the MRI discovered the cyst. He was not able to lift his foot up at all prior to surgery. Show me what you can do now. Great. Show me your toes. Your toes also did not extend but they are coming up now, correct?


About six weeks after surgery you had pretty good recovery. What has changed in the past six weeks since we saw you last?

First six weeks I was still wearing a brace to walk, but I was walking a lot better and I was able to get more movement out of my foot. Since then, I’ve not worn a brace and I can walk 6-7 miles at a time without tripping and feel pretty solid on my feet.

Wave to us real quick for me. Very good! Go side to side. Very good. Would you consider that successful?

I would consider it successful.

Thank you very much!"

Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.