15 Months After Decompression of Morton's Neuroma

This patient has had a Morton's neuroma (interdigital nerve compression) released by dividing he intermetatarsal ligament betwee the 2nd and 3rd toe to improve the severe pain that he had with walking in the ball of his foot that he likened to walking on a marble. Most surgeons simply remove this nerve, but instead of removing this nerve we prefer to perform a decompression of the nerve by dividing the ligament between the metatarsal bones (bones in your foot) in order to take pressure of the nerve. We do this to try to maintain sensation in the toes while at the same time improving pain. Removing the Morton's neuroma will make the toes permanently numb. This patient was able to complete the Marine Corps Marathon in honor of a family member. He continues to report that at all of his pain is gone.

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