Patient Testimonial: Knee and Leg Pain After Tibial Fracture

This patient had surgery 6.5 months ago and had a very complex knee and lower extremity pain syndrome involving both nerve injuries in her knee and nerve compressions. Part of the problem started the day she was injured and part of the problem was likely caused by the surgery to fix her fracture. We removed the patients unnecessary infrapatellar branch of the saphenous nerve to remove the pain, and burning to the skin around the knee. We removed a small nerve to the joint between the tibia and fibula to help with knee joint pain. We decompressed the common peroneal nerve and the proximal tibial nerve to help this patient with the burning, searing, and a sharp shooting pain, tingling, numbness that she had radiating from the knee to the top of the foot as well as from the back of the calf to the sole of her foot. She had a very successful procedure with approximately 80% relief from her symptoms.

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