Proximal Tibial Nerve, Common Peroneal Nerve, Superficial Peroneal Nerve

This patient underwent a decompression of the proximal tibial nerve at the soleal sling to try to improve the sensation in the bottom of her foot as well as to improve the ability to flex her toes. She also had a decompression of the common peroneal nerve at the lateral knee as well as the deep peroneal nerve on the top of the foot. She is only 6 days out from surgery and the patient already has dramatically improved sensation both on the top and bottom of her foot. The tingling and buzzing sensations that were present prior to surgery have resolved, and we have already seen a dramatic improvement in her muscle strength with regards to ability to curl her toes. This is an example of a patient who already had tarsal tunnel release who did not improve with this operation, but he responded to a decompression of the same nerve higher in the back of the leg.

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