Surgery To Remove A Glomus Tumor Changes Our Patients Life For The Better

It was influencing my life. I couldn't really walk, exercise, or even bear anything touching that area. If a dog jumped on it or a kid touched it, the pain was horrendous. I consulted pain specialists, orthopedists, chiropractors, massage therapists – you name it. Everybody couldn't figure out what was causing it. They believed it was nerve-related, but they couldn't identify the aggravating factor. The pain intensified over time to the point that every step I took was excruciating.

Big Brother was a really good consultation. One thing that stands out is that he spent about an hour and a half with me, which is quite rare nowadays for a doctor. I had tests done at some of the best hospitals in Manhattan over the course of 20 years, with different doctors and specialists. Yet, nobody could pinpoint the issue. In just one visit, Big Brother was able to ask the right questions and think about it deeply, ultimately identifying the problem. To me, it felt like a miracle.

From that day on, my leg has been perfect. I can walk, climb, travel extensively, use stairs, jog, swim, and enjoy activities like surfing and kayaking without my leg being a constant concern. I truly appreciate Dr. Williams for improving my quality of life. He's one of the few professionals who can genuinely say, "I do this because I want to help people," and mean it. He genuinely changed my life for the better. My quality of life has improved by a thousand percent.