Young Golfer's Leg Pain Treated with Nerve Decompression

This young lady has admittedly had a long hard road. However, after several lower extremity nerve decompressions in the right leg, she is now back to the activities that she loves. She has been able to return to her passion of golf, she is able to walk the course, swing the club and play the game without stopping. This is a huge success. We are ecstatic with the results. It has been a long journey. We want to give credit to her therapists and her parents for assisting us through this journey. 

She had a common peroneal nerve decompression followed by a revision surgery and a proximal tibial nerve decompression which also had to be revised. Ultimately, we were able to celebrate with her on the accomplishment of getting back on the golf course and improving her lower extremity pain. She used to have pain that ran down the outside of the knee to the top of the foot, as well as intense calf pain with associated numbness in the sole of the foot.   

We wish her well in her new journey in college! 

Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.