Two Experienced Surgeons Work to Help a Patient with Chronic Foot Pain

Dr. Williams, a peripheral nerve surgeon, and Dr. John Senatorre DPM, a podiatrist, joined forces to assist this patient with long-term pain in between the first and second toe. This had been a building problem for the patient for many years that finally came to a point of major frustration a year before. She had a complex history of multiple foot problems including a bunion and two previous Morton's neuromas in the same foot that were removed leaving several toes very numb.

Dr. Williams was able to team up with colleague John Senatore a podiatrist to combine expertise with peripheral nerve and podiatric surgery to address a unique and rare foot problem. 3 months after surgery, the terrible pain that she had between the first and second toe that bothered her with every step is now gone, and the sensation in the great toe and second toe were preserved, and she can comfortably wear a shoe and walk! All three of us were delighted!

Thanks, Dr. Senatore for helping out!

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Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.
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