Treatment for Foot Pain

foot pain treatmentThis patient had pain for many years on of her foot going into the big toe and into the surgical scar that she had for several different procedures on her foot including a bunion repair and great toe fusion. She had failed years of conservative therapy with injections, physical therapy, and mediations.   She even had a previous “nerve resection” performed on the top of the foot to try to help the pain performed elsewhere that unfortunately was unsuccessful.   She had been unable to wear normal shoes for several years. She could only use an open-toed slip-on type sandal.  she was diagnosed with a neuroma of the deep peroneal nerve on the top of the foot. This nerve was stuck in her surgical scar. It made it impossible for her to wear shoes comfortably. She experienced shocking pain in the top of the foot.  this was diagnosed with a nerve block performed in the office. The deep peroneal nerve was subsequently removed and implanted into the lower leg in a much more protected environment deep within the muscle of the leg. Fortunately, she has had a very good outcome in his back to walking and wearing normal shoe wear with little to no pain in the foot.  furthermore because of the fact that this nerve had been injured previously, and the fact that this is a small nerve, the patient had minimal numbness after the procedure when this nerve was removed.

This approach has been successful in treating many patients with pain from nerve injuries of the deep peroneal nerve on the top of the foot. The patient's symptoms will radiate into the web space between the large toe and the second toe. Some patients describe it as electricity, stabbing, burning, and painful numbness. Even the bedsheets laying on the foot can be extremely uncomfortable, and many patients will sleep with their feet outside the covers.

We are very pleased that she is doing so well. 

"Dr. Williams corrected the nerve damage on the top of my foot, which I have had for many years due to corrective surgery in the past by 3 different doctors. It feels so good to wear enclosed shoes without pain. Thank you so much :)"