Relief after 20 years of Morton's Neuroma

We want to celebrate with this patient who has had pain relief after more than 20 years of pain in the ball of the foot that was directly between the 3rd and 4th toe.   She had classic symptoms of a “Morton’s Neuroma.”  Because her pain had been present for so long and the nerve was discovered to be so degenerated and very inflamed, the decision was made to remove the nerve and implant the nerve into the muscles in the sole of the foot proximal to the weight bearing portion of her foot.   

In this video we do try to discuss some of the results and expectations that we see after removing the common digital nerves to improve pain from a Morton’s Neuroma, and we very briefly compare this to another procedure that is often performed to treat this disease which includes a decompression of the common digital nerve.    

I hope this video is helpful to any patients out there trying to better understand some of the differences in the variety of treatment options for treating a Morton’s neuroma.   


Eric H Williams MD