If you are a Plastic Surgeon, why do you take care of patients with nerve problems and pain?

Great question?  Plastic Surgeons have long been know as problem solvers.  We like to solve difficult problems -- cleft lips, cleft palates, chronic wounds, facial fractures, missing hands, breast reconstruction......   Hand Surgery was a natural off shoot from Plastic Surgery.  The reconstruction of the upper extremity often required reconstruction of the peripheral nervous system. For many years plastic surgeons have played a pivotal roll in the reconstruction of the soft tissue in the upper extremity. Therefore, almost all plastic surgeons are at least familiar with the management of peripheral nerve injuries in the upper extremities. Dr. Lee Dellon, a Plastic Surgeon who had additional Fellowship training as a Hand Surgeon, is a true pioneer in the field of peripheral nerve surgery. In the 1990's Dr. Dellon began to use the same practices and principles of upper extremity peripheral nerve reconstruction and management in the lower extremity in other locations throughout the body. At this time there are several Plastic Surgery societies a dedicated major amount of time to the teaching of peripheral nerve treatment strategies. These societies include the American Society for Peripheral Nerve, the American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, and American Association for Hand Surgery. 

Nerve injuries and neuropathic pain is still a major problem.  We are still looking for good answers to hard problems.  Some Plastic Surgeons choose to focus on cosmetic surgery and some on reconstruction.  Dr. Williams has chosen to focus his efforts on the peripheral nerve injured patient, and trying to improve the quality of life of those suffering from these problems.