Ankle & Hip Injury Lower Extremity Pain Relief

pain relief for ankle and hip

We celebrate with this patient who after 3 years and many visits to many specialists and several surgical procedures has now gotten excellent improvement in her lower extremity pain.   

We were able to help her with severe lower extremity pain that occurred after she fell after falling in a hole.   This not only led to an ankle injury but also an injury in the hip.   After years of treatment including ankle surgery to repair ligaments and tendons, and hip surgery to try to improve pain around the hip, she was diagnosed with persistent compression of the sciatic nerve in the buttock and several nerve entrapments in the lower leg as well as several nerves that were stuck in her previous surgical scars.   

We were very excited after she responded well to her first procedure with us for entrapment of the common nerve at the knee, the superficial peroneal nerve, and sural nerves in the lower leg and ankle.   This encouraged us to proceed with further surgery on the sciatic nerve in the buttock causing her persistent deep seated buttock and hip pain.  

We could not be more excited for her improvements, and I want to thank her other physicians for helping us narrow down the diagnosis.   Some of these problems can take a long time to tease out.   Trying to sort out where buttock pain comes from can be a challenge.   When they have had surgery before it makes is even more challenging.   

Now if we can just keep the rabbits out of the yard that made the hole in the first place, then we will be even happier!