Articles to Help Patients Overcome Chronic Post-Surgical Pain

Information is key to ridding yourself of chronic pain for good. Our library articles explore common complications of major surgery, including sexual dysfunction after groin surgery, foot drop after a knee replacement, post-surgical groin due to hernia or C-section, and causes of chronic regional pain syndromes.

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  • Testimonial Spotlight The office of Eric H. Williams, MD has many success stories, but some stories go a little deeper than a short statement or video. We highlight some of the cases where there is more to the story.
  • Upper Extremity Pain Eric H. Williams, MD, treats numerous nerve issues for his patients, including some who have symptoms from an upper extremity nerve injury.
  • News and Events Keep up-to-date with news and events for Dr. Eric H. Williams, including conferences and workshops (both domestic and international).
  • Pain Management A peripheral nerve surgeon may be part of your pain management team, but it's important to understand other aspects as well. Dr. Williams in Baltimore explains.
  • Financial Options Baltimore, MD Peripheral Nerve Specialist, Dr. Eric H. Williams treats post-surgical and post-traumatic nerve pain conditions and problems, such as drop foot, thoracic outlet syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome,groin pain, knee pain, foot pain, leg pain, chest wall pain and migrain headache pain. Also specializes in treatment of post-surgical and post-traumatic pain problems associated with groin pain after c-section or hernia repair, knee pain after knee replacement, chest wall pain from intercostal nerve injury, foot and leg pain after severe and minor trauma. Welcoming patients from the Greater Baltimore area.