Before You Choose Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Read This

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If you have been seeking treatment for carpal tunnel pain, you may have been told of only a couple of options.

Open carpal tunnel release remains the most common procedure, but has some big downsides. The overall impact on your wrist and hand is large, and recovery can take a matter of weeks, costing you valuable time at work and other demands of life. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release requires smaller incisions and has a lower overall impact, but recovery is still often within the range of weeks.

There is another alternative to both these options, however; an option that requires one tiny incision and usually only takes days to recover from: ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release with the Sonex SX-One MicroKnife®.

This is not the carpal tunnel treatment of the past.

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A Proven Effective Alternative to Invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release eliminates the need for a large, open incision or medium incisions for endoscopic tools. Dr. Williams is able to navigate through the carpal tunnel using ultrasound imaging from the outside.

This means that an incision of only 4-5 mm is required to insert the specialized SX-One MicroKnife®, a very thin tool that is guided to where the release must be made. 

Once the procedure is complete, typically a few adhesive strips are all that is needed to close the incision. Sutures are rarely required.

The emphasis on providing results while being as minimally invasive as possible means less inconvenience and a faster recovery time for the patient. You can return to work and the hobbies you love in less time than with the more traditional methods of release.

carpal tunnel relief doctor

There's Another Option for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Your options for carpal tunnel syndrome relief do not necessarily require you to spend weeks in recovery, take a ton of time away from work, or develop substantial scars from large incisions.

Dr. Williams is proud to be a surgeon in the Baltimore area capable of conducting ultrasound-guided carpal tunnel release right in his office, eliminating the time and costs needed for a hospital.  

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