Complex Nerve Pain - Kristen's Story

Hi, my name is Kristen Evans, and prior to meeting Dr. Williams, I had unfortunately suffered a nerve injury following what should have been a very simple Achilles release surgery. That night of the surgery, in the middle of the night, I woke up to what I described as cattle prodding electric shocks that were on the top of my foot, the side, and all around the ankle. Even though I was not supposed to, of course, take off the cast or the wrapping or anything, I was in such dire pain that I instructed my husband to immediately take it off because it was stinging so badly.

From that point forward, my life had changed. So, I got my appointment with Dr. Williams, I believe it was in May, so only a few months from the actual injury.

Dr. Williams stuck it out with me, and ultimately the next year, we performed a complete nerve resection.

And every visit with Dr. Williams, he had the best bedside manner I could ever describe of any physician. He provided empathy, and his staff was caring and the most professional people I've ever dealt with.

With ding ding ding, that was actually the one that provided the absolute best results. And that's where I am today. I am now able to wear shoes that have ties so they are laced up. I have gone on to accomplish my certified personal trainer certification, and I specifically help people who either think that they can't move or they have limited mobility, they have pain. So, as you see, I'm sitting in a gym. This is my gym that my husband built for me because the two men in my life that have always been there for me to make this happen is Dr. Williams and my husband. Here we are saying thank you, and anybody who needs any help with any chronic pain, you need to go to Dr. Williams.