Foot Drop Recovery With Peroneal Nerve Decompression Surgery

We are excited to share this patient’s improvements to let others out there with similar problems know that there is often hope. This patient was diagnosed with a foot drop, meaning that he could not raise his foot and ankle upward, and could not move the ankle outward. This made his walking challenging as he would trip over his foot and he had an unstable gait.  

In addition to this he had severe pain to the outside of his knee and leg and pain that radiated up the leg to the buttock. One of our local experienced orthopedic surgeons diagnosed him with a compression of the common peroneal nerve at the fibular head.  He had confirmed this diagnosis with an EMG. 

The patient’s physical exam confirmed the diagnosis and we moved to the operating room to release the pressure of the nerve through a short incision on the outside of the knee. We are very excited that he has already seen major improvements in his strength and movement in his foot and ankle function.  

Many patients will see these types of improvements depending on the length of time the foot has been paralyzed and the cause of the disease.