Before surgery doctors at home told me that I needed to go on disability.

JH TestimonialI want to thank you a million times over for doing the nerve resection in my right foot 4-12-13.  Because of your willingness and ability to take on a difficult case- where I had had previous foot surgeries, and your close relationship with Johns Hopkins radiology and the (newer) neurography, I can now stand on my foot again.

Before I came to the Dellon Institute, doctors at home (upstate NY) told me that I needed to go on disability.  The pain was unimaginable. But now I am back at work, manage own home again, and have a "life":)

I also want to thank you for resecting the nerve in my L wrist on 12-11-13. I had had a cast on my arm too tight in 2008.  I struggled with nerve pain in my wrist for five years.  I tried  fat graft procedures that failed.  After my foot healed, I decided to have you take a look at my L wrist.  I can now use both hands again to type!  I do feel the numbness but I do NOT feel the pain.

You have my permission to share this email with others and use my name if a patient ever wants to talk with a former patient.

Thank you again and again and again.J. H.