Patient Overcomes Lower Leg Pain After Injury through Nerve Decompression Surgery

We wanted to celebrate this patient’s improvement in her right leg pain 7 weeks after a decompression of the common peroneal nerve and superficial peroneal nerve.   Her journey started 18 months ago after a severe ankle sprain left her with some ligamentous damage and an unstable ankle.   This required appropriate surgery (Brostrum repair) to improve the strength and stability of the ankle.   However, unexpectedly after the operation the patient began noticing severe pain, burning, tingling, and hypersensitivity to the top of the foot and the lateral ankle.   The pain was not immediate after the operation.  It began slowly.  She had a very hard time wearing socks and shoes, and even the bed sheets touching her foot were very painful at night.   Walking became more difficult due to the pain.   

Unfortunately, it did not improve with physical therapy, and medications like gabapentin had intolerable side effects for her.   She was seen in our office and after two visits, we diagnosed her with a compression of the common peroneal nerve at the knee and the superficial peroneal nerve just above the outside of her ankle.   We subsequently went back to the operating room and released these nerves.   

She presents back to the office for her second post-operative visit and is reporting substantial improvements in her previous pain!    After the nerves were released from tight areas of compression, her pain has improved, and we expect that it will continue to improve further over time as the nerves recover from the compression for so many months.  

You shouldn't have to live with intractable pain. Take back your life with nerve decompression surgery at the Dellon Institutes for Peripheral Surgery.