Not Sure About Us? Read Our Testimonials! (And Later, Consider Writing One)

Hopefully you’re already aware of the fact that our primary goal is to help people just like you overcome chronic and intense nerve pain. And this is our targeted objective for a simple reason:

We want you to be able to live life on your terms and enjoy your favorite activities—without having the frustration that comes from nerve pain.

In fact, it makes us happy every time we’re able to help a patient find relief and put their suffering behind. The best part is that we’ve been blessed to do this for many individuals.

And you don’t have to just take our word for it. In the testimonials section on our website, you can hear from many of our past patients themselves. If you’re on the fence about seeing us for a consultation, we hope you find them encouraging!

Check back often—especially to our new testimonial spotlight page, which we’ll be periodically updating with longer and more detailed stories from some of our previous patients.

A Few Examples—And the Importance of Being Honest About What We Can (And Can’t) Do

We understand—whenever you read someone’s “success story” on the internet, it can be healthy to bring a certain degree of skepticism. Is all this really true? Did it really all happen this way?

For starters, yes—all our testimonials are 100% true. But we do need to be upfront about something:

We never claim that we’re able to treat everyone. It would be absolutely amazing if we could, but no doctor can actually do that. (And if you come across one who makes that claim, they aren’t being completely honest with you—or perhaps even themselves.)

What we can do, however, is take the time to listen to you and determine if we have an appropriate technique that shows promise and may potentially be the answer to your nerve problem.

If we do, we also will perform your procedure to the very best of our ability.

For some people, the result could be total elimination of their symptoms and full restoration of function. Ask “A.R.”—according to her, she felt “good as new” after 3 months, and “better than new” after 6 months. She’s even playing tennis up to 5 times per week without pain! We always love it when the best case scenario comes true.

For others, the pain relief may only be partial. That’s simply the nature of nerve damage—these delicate and fragile tissues are not always able to fully regenerate as much as we (or you) would like, especially if they’ve been severely damaged.

However, even if we can’t “make you 20” again, there still may be a good chance we can significantly reduce, or perhaps even eliminate, your reliance on medications to get through the day. And you can still greatly expand the list of activities you can successfully perform and enhance the quality of your life.

In fact, one of our patients recently wrote a blog about her experience with extreme pain (enough to have her bedridden for most of a year) after her breast cancer surgery. Doctor after doctor turned her away, but we determined we could help.

Unfortunately, she still lives with chronic pain, but the symptoms are now manageable. Instead of being bedridden, she’s riding horses again!

Obviously, many of the testimonials you read on our site will be from patients we did help, whose results are outstanding. That won’t be everyone, unfortunately.

But you can be sure that we will also be upfront, honest, and realistic with you about if we can help, and what kind of results we think you can expect.

We’re using some of the most advanced techniques and treatments yet pioneered to help people treat their nerve pain. We’re proud of our success rate, and we stand by the work we do. If we think we can help, we’ll absolutely do everything we can for you.

Why Testimonials Are So Important (and Why You Might Consider Writing One)

If you are reading this and happen to be one of the people we’ve helped in the past, we’d like to ask you a small favor:

Would you be willing to consider sharing your story—as much as you can while retaining your personal privacy—in the form of a testimonial or review for our practice?

By doing so, you not only help us become a better practice, but also allow others who are suffering from a similar issue that you had to know that there is hope.

In other words, the main reason we ask isn’t because we need an ego boost. It’s so:

  • We can get better at what we do, by taking feedback from past patients seriously and humbly
  • Other people can find relief for their symptoms by learning about how we can help.

When you leave a review or provide your testimonial, it allows us to understand your perspective and identify areas are strong and ones in need of improvement.

Just as we take the time to listen to you in order to diagnose your condition, we take the time to read your words to diagnose the state of our practice. We do this because the only way to make improvements is to understand a current state.

If you’d like to join the other patients who have been so kind as to share their thoughts and feelings about our practice, we would greatly appreciate it. So too would those individuals suffering with chronic nerve pain who are making the important decision as to whether they feel we might be able to help them.

Remember, your words provide these people with a little extra perspective while they try to decide the next step in their search for relief from pain. If you are pleased with the care you’ve received, sharing your thoughts on the experience could make a difference for someone else who needs to be treated for a similar nerve condition or injury.

How to Write a Testimonial or Review

If you’ve decided you’d like to write a testimonial or review, first things first: thank you!

We were already truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and now we’re also grateful that you’ve decided to take the time to share your story. It means a lot to us.

Not sure what to mention in your review? Thoughts you might have include things like:

  • Was your experience better than you expected?
  • Was our office easy to find?
  • Did you appreciate how quickly you were seen?
  • Was our staff helpful?
  • Did your treatment make a positive difference for your health?
  • Were you able to easily find useful information on our website?

Reviews don’t have to be long—we know you have many things to do during the course of your day—and even a quick line or two can be extremely beneficial in helping someone make a decision that could potentially eliminate a lot of pain and frustration.

If you don’t want to submit a testimonial to our practice, you can also submit a review to Google, Facebook, and other online sites. This helps give patients searching for answers a quick, easy-to-find and easy-to-read message about the way we treat our patients and the kind of help we can offer.

Thank you so much, again, for your consideration.


Dr. Eric H. Williams


(410) 709 - 3868

Eric H. Williams MD
Specializing in reconstructive surgery and pain relief in the Greater Baltimore area.
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