Joint Denervation by A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD

A Lee. Dellon, MD, PhD Retired

Pioneer in Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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Joint Denervation Publication

  • Provides a single source of information needed for the diagnosis, and medical/surgical treatment, of joint pain of neural origin
  • Each chapter includes a clinical case study as a guide
  • Written by A. Lee Dellon with a chapter on History of Joint Denervation contributed by Andreas Gohritz

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An Atlas of Surgical Techniques in Joint Denveration


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About Dr. Lee Dellon, MD

The career of A. Lee Dellon spanned several decades in which he contributed to the development of peripheral nerve pain surgical solutions.

Diabetic Neuropathy Seminar by A. Lee Dellon

Appearances, Travel  & Lectures

Dr. Dellon traveled the globe over the span of his career, educating & mentoring other surgeons in the breakthrough techniques he developed & mastered. 

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Patient Testimonials

Read first hand the feedback that we received from our patients who have benefited from our pain relief care.

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Pain Solution Books

Dr. Dellon has many publications which highlight the different types of pain scenarious and the options for surgical relief.

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Joint Denervation Book

This book is available for purchase at Springer Link. This book avails the knowledge of how denervation can relieve joint pain available to the many groups of physicians who care for this problem.

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Sensibility Testing Book

This book is available for purchase in its entirety at Amazon or individual sections may be downloaded.