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pain solutions chapter 1 why nerves cause pain

Why Nerves Cause Pain

Outline of the basic mechanisms of pain related to conditions for which pain solutions have been developed.

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Pain Solutions Chapter 2 Neuropathy


There are many kinds of neuropathy, but the most common in the world is due to diabetes.



Joint Pain 

The concept of partial denervation can be applied to painful joints due to nerve injury.


Peripheral Nerve Pain Solutions Ch 4 Groin pain

Groin Pain

Any incision in the lower abdomen or upper thigh may injure a nerve and result in groin pain.


Ch 5 thoracic outlet syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Dr. Wiliams does not treat thoracic outlet syndrome or perform these types of surgeries. Content omitted.



Mortons Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma is not a neuroma; it is a nerve entrapment. What if Morton’s neuroma were really a nerve compression?





Really Stupid Diagnosis - it’s possible to identify the source of pain, focus on eliminating that nerve’s pain signal, and stop the pain.


Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom Limb Pain

The essence of phantom pain is that the body part is missing. The missing body part hurts. Is the pain real or imagined.


Facial Pain

Facial Pain 

Pioneering techniques to treat painful nerve problems in the face.



Stimulators are placed into
the body to send messages to the brain along the nerve pathways and not recommended by Dr. Dellon

Dellon Pain Institute

Why Dellon

How, as a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dellon is a pioneer in peripheral nerve problems. 

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain

Pudendal & Cluneal Nerves,
Groin Pull & Hamstring Pull

Migraine and Peripheral Nerves

Migraine & Peripheral Nerves




Pain Solutions 3rd Edition

Full Pain Solutions Text

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The career of A. Lee Dellon spanned several decades in which he contributed to the development of peripheral nerve pain surgical solutions.

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Dr. Dellon traveled the globe over the span of his career, educating & mentoring other surgeons in the breakthrough techniques he developed & mastered. 


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Pain Solutions Books


Dr. Dellon has many publications which highlight the different types of pain scenarious and the options for surgical relief.

joint denervation book dr dellon

Joint Denervation Book 


This book is available for purchase at Springer Link. This book avails the knowledge of how denervation can relieve joint pain available to the many groups of physicians who care for this problem.

joint denervation book dr dellon

Sensibility Testing Book 


This book is available for purchase in its entirety at Amazon or individual sections may be downloaded.