Ice Skater Treated with Tarsal Tunnel Release

nerve pain specialist baltimoreProfessional Ice Skater and coach gets back on the ice after Tarsal tunnel release for numbness, pain, burning in the foot. It is kind of hard to skate if you can’t feel your feet, and while almost all serious athletes are able to “push through” some level of pain -- there comes a time to cry mercy. After the diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome and failing to improve with aggressive conservative non-operative interventions -- this delightful patient had to make a difficult choice to take some time off and have a surgical intervention to try to get her back to action. After surgical decompression and physical therapy, and a little help from our physiatry colleagues at Medstar with some help from Dr. Mary Yousefi in helping us break down some scar tissue -- this patient has been able to get back to all of her previous passions!    

She is back in the ice skating and coaching, and running way longer distances than I would ever run!!! But now without pain, without numbness, and with better control of her foot, and without distraction! 

Again a little teamwork goes a long way!