Meralgia Paresthetica Pain Gone After 20 Years of Suffering

Hi, I'm Terri and I'm a patient at Dr. Williams. I need everybody to know how great Dr. Williams is. My upper thigh just started burning and then it started hurting.

I have Meralgia  Paresthetica, [My Former Doctor] didn't tell me what that was. He said just lose weight and you'll feel better. I got to the point where I was crying. I would be crying. I was crying in the middle of a cruise ship and this can't, this is not right.

I went on a Facebook support group and I found out about actually Dr. Tolustrip in Nevada, and he was a specialist in this. And I was like, sign me up. I'm in Alabama. I will go to Las Vegas. I don't care. Somebody's got to help me. But then I found out that he had someone that he was a fellow with who was out here on the east coast in Maryland. 

Went to Maryland, saw Dr. Williams. He talked to me, listened to me, felt compared. I could feel it. I could feel the empathy and compassion from him, and I just knew this was it.

He said, "Okay, let's do the surgery." Two weeks, two weeks from my first time seeing him. Flew up there, got a hotel. I did the surgery.

The first day I overdid it because I felt like a whole new person. It was amazing. I went to Sam's Club right next to the hotel. I walked every inch of that store. It was a miracle. It was a miracle. It changed my life. It really did. My next cruise is in January, and I cannot wait. I'm gonna do all the things and see all the things and walk everywhere. So ready.

And he is a miracle worker. He likes to say he's not the miracle worker. He just has the tools in his hands. Well, God sent him to me. I know he didn't, so he's my miracle. He's a godsend. He's wonderful, and I'll sing his praises every time I get.