Baltimore Patient Has Foot Pain Relieved After Tarsal Tunnel Release, Plantar Fascia Release, and Gastroc Recession

"The quality of my life has improved significantly since my December and August tarsal tunnel release, plantar fascia release and gastroc recession. It's the first time my feet have been pain-free in 10 years. As I've mentioned before, this is a huge answer to prayer and has brought such joy to my life. I walk 2-3 miles around my neighborhood every night after work which would have been extremely difficult and uncomfortable to do a year ago. I can now clean my house and stand on my feet in the kitchen without having to stop every few minutes to sit down. Post-pandemic, I'm looking forward to traveling and sightseeing by foot as well as volunteering in a wider variety of activities. I can't think y'all enough for your hard work, dedication, expertise, attention to detail, outstanding bedside manner and top-notch customer service! I appreciate you taking on my case and for all that you've done to positively impact my life. I will never take my mobility for granted and I'm truly grateful for the gift of pain-free feet."

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