Pinning Down the Primary Causes of Post-Ankle Surgery Pain

Get help with post-surgery ankle pain.It is probably fair to say that most people undergo surgery in the hope of alleviating a problem, which includes reducing or eliminating pain. But sometimes after ankle surgery, you may find yourself in pain and wonder what is going on. 

That’s a fair question. Generally speaking, there are three reasons you might be experiencing neuropathic ankle pain after you have had surgery.

Your Nerves Were Damaged During Injury

It is not uncommon for nerves to be stretched, torn, or pinched (a condition known as entrapment) during an incident that results in injury. Maybe the nerves are stretched or torn when your foot twists forcefully beyond its usual range of motion. Maybe the nerves are entrapped because their pathway was damaged during the injury or due to swelling or other conditions that put pressure on the nerves.

Your Nerves Were Damaged During Surgery

Obviously, a surgeon would never cause damage intentionally. But the fact is that your nervous system is vast and complicated—and it is all too easy to cut a nerve during a surgical procedure. Even the most skilled of surgeons face a difficult task when it comes to avoiding damage to nerves during procedures.

Your Nerves Are Trapped in Scar Tissue

Sometimes your nerves make it through both the injury and corrective surgery without damage. That’s great news. But you can still experience pain if your nerves get trapped in scar tissue. As the tissue hardens, the nerves experience pressure that can easily lead to pain.

The Solution: Surgical Care Provided by a Specialist in Peripheral Nerve Pain

The problems described above require the intervention of a physician who specialized in peripheral nerve pain. The surgeon who worked repairing your ankle is likely not an expert in neuropathic pain. That is not a criticism, but rather a reflection of the fact that all doctors have specialties and areas of expertise. For neuropathic pain, you need a doctor whose focus, experience, and expertise address that specific concern.

Dr. Eric H. Williams is exactly that kind of surgeon. If you are experiencing ankle pain following surgery, there’s a good chance that pain is related to a nerve problem. Dr. Williams has the expertise necessary to address the issue surgically so that your pain is resolved. To learn more, request our free ankle pain whitepaper or contact us today to make an appointment.

Eric H. Williams MD
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