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Need a second opinion? Our blog explores common causes of pain symptoms after surgery, including nerve entrapment leading to head and neck discomfort, groin pain after a hernia or C-section, and other chronic pain conditions. Browse or search our blog posts today for help.

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  • Why Finding Help for Pain is Never a Lost Cause If you are having painful symptoms—burning, tingling, hypersensitivity, etc.—or even numbness, the problem might be nerve-related. The pain is bad enough, but this situation can also keep you from doing the things you want to do in life. Even if other doctors have told you there’s no hope, Dr. Williams wants you to know seeking help for pain is never a lost cause! If you feel like you’re out of options, contact his Baltimore office and request a consultation today.
  • Help for Migraines Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses various potential treatment options for migraine headaches and the various trigger points that might benefit from surgical intervention.
  • Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome and what Dr. Eric H. Williams in Baltimore can do to help you find relief from painful symptoms.
  • Why Nerve Decompression Relieves Pain One of the major causes of nerve pain is a peripheral nerve that has become compressed. Accordingly, nerve decompression may relieve the pain.
  • What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Whereas many people are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome, less commonly known is cubital tunnel syndrome. Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses.
  • Relief from Tarsal Tunnel Pain Tarsal tunnel syndrome causes pain in the bottom of the foot (anywhere between the heel and toes), but there are ways for you to find relief.