What should I do if I have knee pain after knee replacement surgery?

man with knee replacement surgery scars in painIf you have pain or discomfort after knee replacement surgery, it could be part of the normal healing process. However, it should not be ignored when the pain is ongoing or becomes severe since it could indicate a more serious problem. Dr. Williams can evaluate the post-surgical pain you are experiencing to determine what treatment options may work best for your specific condition.

Why You May Have Knee Pain After Joint Replacement Surgery

Experiencing some discomfort or pain while you heal after knee replacement surgery is normal. You will likely have some pain when kneeling, bending the knee, or doing daily activities. Pain may also occur at night, but the pain should begin to subside after a few weeks. Your surgeon should have told you what to expect and might have prescribed a pain reliever to take in the days following surgery.

Chronic pain after knee replacement surgery is not normal, however. It could indicate a more serious problem, such as:

  • Infection
  • Blood clot
  • Failed or misaligned knee implant
  • Nerve damage

You Shouldn't Continue to Suffer Post-Surgical Knee Pain

Ongoing pain after knee replacement surgery should not be ignored. It is important to have any pain evaluated by the surgeon who did your knee replacement procedure to ensure that there are no problems with the alignment of the new joint or that infection is not present. If everything looks normal and there is no explanation for the pain, the issue could be nerve related, and you will want to seek the advice of Dr. Williams.

You should not have to live in pain caused by nerve damage when Dr. Williams can determine what treatment options could ease your chronic pain and have you back to enjoying your life. Dr. Williams has successfully treated and resolved nerve injuries resulting from knee replacement surgery through procedures such as knee denervation.

How to Know If Our Maryland Peripheral Nerve Specialist Can Help You

If you are suffering from ongoing knee pain after replacement surgery, contact our office for an evaluation. Dr. Williams can create a treatment plan to help ease your pain and get you back to living pain-free as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment in the Baltimore office, contact us at (410) 709-3868 or fill out our contact form online.