Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS Success!

Hiking after CRPSThis delightful patient has suffered for 6 months with severe pain diagnosed as CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome)  in the right foot after an ankle fracture from a turned ankle.   After failing to improve with a healed fracture, physical therapy, and medications, she was referred to us for treatment.   She had terrible pain, numbness, tingling, burning, hypersensitivity in the to pf the foot and the sole of the foot.  She had trouble even putting socks on and could hardly put weight on the foot.   The bed sheets even bothered her foot.   

We diagnosed her with several compressed nerves in the outside of her leg and at her ankle.   After decompressing these nerves -- similar to a “carpal tunnel” release in the hand -- the patient was very quickly able to return to her normal activities that she loved so much!   She had reported improvements in her pain almost immediately after surgery and by 4 months from surgery she reported “98%” relief.    

She is back to hiking!   

We celebrate with her!!! 

Beach PhotoCRPS Success