Testimonial: Tarsal Tunnel Release Surgery to relieve Inner Ankle Pain

We want to celebrate with this patient for a great outcome! After years of pain in the foot and heel she is finally better!  She reported years of burning, hypersensitivity in the back of her heel and the sole of her heel, as well as some numbness, in the sole of the foot with tingling. In addition, the more she stood and walked she would have cramping in the arch of the foot as well.  

As her pain progressed, it became 24/7 and not just when she was up and walking. We were able to diagnose her with not one problem, but two.

She not only had plantar fasciitis causing some of the sharper well localized heel pain with standing and walking, but she also had evidence of nerve compression in the tarsal tunnel (inner ankle). The nerve compression also caused the hypersensitivity, burning, and tingling sensations.   

I was able to team up with Dr. John Senatore DPM who works from our office on Mondays, and we were able to treat both problems simultaneously at one setting in the operating room.  

We enjoy this teamwork on a regular basis to improve outcomes for patients with complex diagnoses. Thanks Dr. Senatore!  

P Dreyer