Testimonial From Sinna Kork

Patient PhotoMy experience of your clinic, Dellon Institute. Before I came from Finland to the Usa for treatment, I suffered from very severe nerve pain caused by my previous surgery in Finland. I did not receive treatment or even decent treatment from Finland, so I had to look for help elsewhere.

I found two clinics in the USA, on my new phone from which I chose the Dellon Institute and contacted me by email. I had a few weeks of conversation via email and my problem was understood. I myself was quite confused by the months of severe nerve pain.

We arranged an appointment for the clinic and I arrived in October 2019. Already at the first appointment it felt like I was getting help now. I was taken seriously and had a long discussion with me about all my matters and matters related to surgery. All was clear. I was grateful to have regained my dignity from a mere first meeting with Eric Williams. I was treated like rubbish in my home country Finland.

Also all the staff I met were really friendly, knowledgeable and happy, which also helped with the intense excitement.

There were problems with payments, because my debit card did not work with credit. But they trusted me at the operating room to receive a payment, when I arrived at the office again after the operation. I was also stressed by the fact that even before I left Finland, I was assured that my bank card was working, so there were problems all the time.I called the bank in Finland but I didn't get any advice.

I also had an interpreter on my way there, because I don't quite understand every word and less often I speak English.

Also all the instructions have been necessary and I get to be even more emailed and tell how it has gone. Every time I write, the answer arrives really suddenly. That's great. In Finland, doctor services are really weak and poor.

Now it has been over six months since the surgery. I’m happy, I feel fine and I am so grateful to Eric Williams at the reception, that he saved me from full collapse harsh/severe pain. Words are not enough to tell how grateful I am.

I have never seen such a knowledgeable, nice, calm, also listening and very good looking doctor. He and his team are great together.

This was a great experience, no matter what the situation was, which is why I got to the USA. It was great to see that there are people in the world, who help and care. This experience opened my eyes.

It was a great honor to see and shake hands with two of the world's greatest surgeons ( the world's top surgeons) and their knowledgeable staff.
I would definitely recommend this clinic to those with severe pain and those whose severe pain is not taken seriously.